Are you clear for takeoff?

Can you negotiate transitions and make smooth landings?

Does your life soar?

Hawks are symbolic visionaries, protectors and messengers between Father Sky and Mother Earth- can you feel the energy and hear the voice of the Universe?  Hawk holds the key to higher levels of consciousness. Hawk awakens vision and inspires a creative life purpose.Hawkflight Coaching provides personal and inspirational coaching for individuals and small groups desiring personal growth. Sessions are held in a non-judgmental environment where participants are encouraged to find their own answers within themselves.  A myriad of creative experiences are explored.

Choose to work with horses, in nature, or in combination with other learning tools. Complete unfinished business that may be preventing you from living a fulfilling life. Gain clarity about the next step to take on life’s journey. Find your personal freedom to fly!


Seek spiritual light
Share Divine healing energy
Honor connection with all beings
Listen within to intuition
Where serenity dwells

Image Credit: Pat Erikson